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Posted Dec 8th, 2013 in Reflections

Plans for the Upcoming Season


The 2013 IFBB competitive season has come and gone and what a great year it was! One Olympia, a host of competitions and Arnolds on 3 different continents – it really was a year to remember for me. But, just as quickly as one season ends a plan needs to be put in place for the year to come.

It’s been two years since I earned my IFBB pro card and in that time I’ve been competing nonstop. I’m very fortunate to have had my pro career start out the way it has and I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to compete in some truly prestigious shows that you simply can’t turn down. The trade-off though has meant little time for rebuilding my body and further developing my fitness skills. So……after some lengthy discussions with my coaches, we’ve decided a brief off season is in order for me. I hated doing it and struggled with this decision a lot but in order to make the improvements in my physique and with my routine and skills that we would like to see, this is a pretty much a necessary step.

Now on to some more news……this really is an exciting time for me as my training and nutrition regimen over the past two months has been completely fresh and new. I have a new coach in my corner as I was fortunate enough to have Hany Rambod agree to help build my physique. He’s putting a plan in place to try and improve upon the weaknesses and continue to develop my strengths. So far the adjustments in my training and nutrition have been a welcomed change and just what this girl needed. I am feeling reinvigorated and am learning so much working with Hany.

Of course now comes the extremely tough part……taking an off season means that I will need to miss out on the opportunity to compete at the Fitness International in 2014. It was with a really heavy heart that I let the Arnold Sports Festival know I would not be submitting my application this year. It’s so hard to miss out on the prestigious event as I have had the privilege of competing there for the past two years in a row – both as an amateur and a pro – but I know it will only provide me with the time I need to bring the best package I can to the stage later in the 2014 season. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to be selected at one of the following Arnold competitions in 2014.

I really want to give a shout out to all of my fellow fitness competitors and wish them the best of luck in their preparation for the 2014 Arnolds!!! As difficult as it will be standing on the sidelines during the competition, my fitness girls will hear me screaming and cheering for them as loud as I can!!!

Take a peek at some of my recent photos from the last Arnold competition I participated in. These pictures are from the 2013 Arnold Europe in Madrid, Spain this past October. It is by far one on my most favorite shows of the year to compete in and from start to finish the event is top notch! I hope you like the behind the scenes glimpse at all the fun us competitors have backstage.

Be sure to keep up to date with my journey and prep for the 2014 season as I intend to let you all know how I’m doing and what I’m up to on a regular basis!!!











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